News March

Thank you to all who have sent us messages about the live album that we will record this summer. Work continues for us and it going pretty well.

Live concerts in March :

– sa 03/05 : Cavan (22). Fest-Noz Diwan Gwengamp + Le Bour-Bodros 5tet, Moal & Chaplain, Iffig & Nanda Troadeg
– sa 03/12 : Cachan (94). + Katé Mé, Waf*, les frères Guichen, Pennoù Skoulm, Vincendeau-Felder-Girault, Marchand & Menneteau, Simon & LeBoulanger, Dorn ha dorn.

on February 20 we had the pleasure of replaying our El Taqa creation festival Waroch Wheel Plescop. It was a great moment for all of us because this project was not destined to be replayed.

We’ll replay Startijenn El Taqa Friday 8 July at Rudolstadt Festival in Germany .