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Startijenn live @ Yaouank 2017

#Startijenn20years : a success

A success ! More than 2000 people walked the floor of the Espace Avel Vor in Plougastell-Daoulaz Saturday between 18h and 03h to celebrate the 20 years of STARTIJENN.

A big THANK YOU to all the musicians who contributed to this success, the technicians and the staff of the Avel Vor for the smooth running of this memorable evening. We would especially like to thank the volunteers of Bagad Plougastell and the support committee of Diwan School of Plougastell for their involvement

(Picture © François Le Naoures “Nao”)

2017 summer tour

Before celebrating our 20th anniversary on Saturday 4th November in Plougastel-Daoulas (29), here are the dates where you can see us this summer:

  • 10/06Tregastel (22) – Gouel an Hañv
  • 23/06Carhaix (29) – Fête de la musique
  • 01/07Plouezoc’h (29) – Festival Celtytud
  • 08/07 Plérin (22) – Fête maritime du Legué
  • 09/07Gooik (Belgique) – Gooikroots Festival
  • 16/07Pont l’Abbé (29) – Fête des Brodeuses
  • 20/07Lamballe (22) – Les Régalades
  • 21/07Plougonver (22) – Festival des Luttes
  • 22/07Quimper (29) – Festival Cornouaille
  • 01/08Crozon (29) – Les Mardis de Morgat
  • 03/08Guimaëc (29) – Fest-Noz
  • 05/08Plélo (22) – Fest-noz au Char à bancs
  • 06/08Lorient (56) – Tavarn ar Roue Morvan
  • 12/08Guérande (44) – Festival les Celtiques
  • 13/08Paimpol (22) – Festival du Chant de Marin
  • 19/08Pont l’Abbé (29) – 45 ans Sonerien Du
  • 25/08Lannion (22) – les Tardives
  • 02/09Gourin (56) – Championnat de Bretagne de musique traditionnelle

to be continued

Startijenn in China

STARTIJENN will perform in CHINA from 12 to 22 May. They will pass through SHANGAI, JINAN, QINGDAO and BEIJING / PEKIN.

1997-2017 : Startijenn – 20 years

After the release of “Paker Tour”, new album recorded in the heart of festoù-noz, and festivals, Startijenn, leading band of the breton scene is preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2017. The group is starting an event tour that will go through the most beautiful Breton and French scenes but also abroad with some beautiful travels programed.

new album “Paker Tour”


After several studio albums, here is a live album recorded at the heart of fest-noz, and festivals that punctuate the evenings of the five musicians. This album opens the festivities that Startijenn prepares us at dawn of his twenty years on stage !

  1. skeud an dro
  2. el chaman acto 1 ton simpl gavotenn
  3. el chaman acto 2 bal gavotenn
  4. bandiz gavotenn ton doubl gavotenn
  5. bok bok bok hanter-dro
  6. flagas track rond de loudia
  7. mougañ bal fisel
  8. an digoll ton doubl fisel
  9. vals Typhaine vals
  10. an armel scottish
  11. strak ha pak rond de loudia
  12. tasmant ar forbant ridée
  13. paker nozter cercle
  14. hir hir ton doubl plin

Production : Paker Prod
Distribution : Coop Breizh
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