New album “Talm Ur Galon” out now



Happy New Year 2023 everyone! At the start of the year, we will be performing in Scotland and Australia !

Here are the dates for January:

Saturday January 14 – Quemper-Guézennec (BZH – 22)

Friday 27 January – Glasgow (Scotland) – Showcase Scotland

Sunday 29 January – Glasgow (Scotland) – Celtic Connections


Yaouank 2022

What a pleasure to see so many of you at Yaouank, the biggest fest-noz in Brittany! You were 8000! The concert was filmed and recorded in its entirety, it will be broadcast on the TV channels: France 3, TV Rennes, Tébéo & Tébésud soon.


WOMEX 2022

Startijenn performed on October 22 in Lisbon (Portugal) on the Capitólio stage as part of the official Womex 2022 showcases.

The Womex ⎜Worldwide ⎜Music ⎜Expo is the unmissable event for all world music professionals and takes place every year in different European countries.


New video clip “Talm Ur Galon”

2nd videoclip from Startijenn’s new album: “Talm Ur Galon” (A heart’s beating).

Directed by : Gwenael Oillo © Paker Prod 2022


News September & October

After the release of our new album “talm ur galon” and a great summer tour, it continues! See you :

  • September 03: Rennes (35)
  • September 17: Auray (56)
  • September 24: Ile-aux-Moînes (56)
  • October 8: Pédernec (22)
  • October 22: Lisbon (PORTUGAL) – WOMEX
  • October 29: Ploemeur (56)

New album – Talm Ur Galon – out now

Talm ur galon (A heart’s beating)

The emblematic trance group from Brittany is unveiled here in a completely new and unexpected light, achieving the feat of being experimental while still retaining a wider appeal. In its own way, it presents a modern and incisive Breton musical identity.

New album – Talm ur galon – 08th april 2022