• sat 06/07
    Pleaol / Péaule (56)
    Feu de la St Jean
  • sat 13/07
    Penmarc’h (29)
    Fête de Bro Sant Pêr – Phare d’Eckmühl
  • sat 20/07
    Karaez / Carhaix-Plouguer (29)
    Festival des Vieilles-Charrues – Startijenn & Cyril Atef
  • wed 24/07
    Aradon / Arradon (56)
    Mercredis d’Arradon
  • fri 26/07
    Roskanvel / Roscanvel (29)
    Dañs ar vag
  • tue 30/07
    Kloar-Fouenant / Clohars-Fouesnant (29)
  • fri 02/08
    Treveneg / Treveneuc (22)
    Parc du château de Pommorio
  • sat 03/08
    Landelo / Landeleau (29)
    Fête du Stang
  • wed 14/08
    Gwened / Vannes (56)
    Fêtes d’Arvor
  • sun 18/08
    Plozeved / Plozévet (29)
    Mondial Folk
  • thu 22/08
    Tønder (DANEMARK)
    Tønder Festival – The Danish Folk Music Festival
  • fri 23/08
    Tønder (DANEMARK)
    Tønder Festival – The Danish Folk Music Festival
  • sat 24/08
    Tønder (DANEMARK)
    Tønder Festival – The Danish Folk Music Festival
  • sun 25/08
    Tønder (DANEMARK)
    Tønder Festival – The Danish Folk Music Festival
  • fri 30/08
    Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue (50)
    Festival des Traversées Tatihou
  • sat 31/08
    Mousterel-ar-Gwast / Montreuil-le-Gast (35)
    Fête de la Rosière
  • fri 06/09
    Aberdeen (SCOTLAND)
    Northern Arc with Old Blind Dogs – The Lemon Tree
  • sat 07/09
    Villaviciosa (ASTURIAS / ESPAÑA)
    XIV Festival Internacional de la Gaita

10 / 09 / 2019

End of summer Paker Tour 2019

Back to Breizh! Our summer Paker Tour ended yesterday! Breizh, France, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, we traveled for miles and had a lot of fun!

A big thank you to all the organizers, festivals and technical teams who welcomed us,
thanks to Paker Prod, Yann Pelliet and Erwan Le Gars, thanks to our technicians Ludovic Mesnil, Ronan Fouquet, Yanna Barbay and Ludovic Florez.

And of course thank you to you Public who was there.

Next concert on Saturday 28/09 in Pleurtuit (35/FRANCE).
Find the list of end-of-year concerts: www.startijenn.bzh

Pakit Holl!

05 / 02 / 2019

Startijenn & Cyril Atef

Startijenn & Cyril Atef © Samuel Berthet, Gwenael Oillo

Startijenn & Cyril Atef is the explosive meeting of the famous Breton music band with the master mathematician of the beat, Cyril Atef on drums, voice and electronics.

It will heat up! Celebrating 20 years of fest-noz, Startijenn’s five musicians are determined to take the trance up a notch by inviting popular excitement from around the world, personified by the groove of world music (Great Black Music, Africa, West Indies, Brazil, Orient, jungle, rock).


Cyril Atef is one of the rare international artists to combine in his various projects and collaborations the esteem of the underground (Olympic Gramofon, Bumcello) and the recognition of the general public (-M-, Bernard Lavilliers, Alain Bashung, Salif Keita).


The ritual is: Breton tradition will be honored by a funk-voodoo fest-noz revisited by a mad hatter (Cyril Atef) for a joyous surrender liberating the cosmic forces of the public!


First concert on Saturday February 16, 2019 – Roue Waroch Festival – Plescop (56) – BZH – France


photo © Samuel Berthet, Gwenael Oillo